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Her forefinger and thumb dug into the skin of her toned stomach, pinching deep, almost into muscle."Trains," she said, decisively, and turned around to go back into her room. He was six feet ten inches of jet black, sinewy muscle, the kind of body NFL linebackers wished they could have when they grew up. "Remind me later that you ain't the only person not allowed to name shit from now on. Maria watched her go inside and closed the bedroom door behind the young girl. He was impressive enough seated in what looked like a wrought-iron throne in center stage, but as he stood, Alexandra was even more impressed at how gracefully he handled his eight-inch stiletto heels. Alexandra covered her eyes for a second, looking back as they adjusted. "We talked…we were just having a conversation about the amnestics and the protocols of this. You were telling me about the…the 'extremely unlikely event' that you might have to reactivate me at some point in the future. " "Okay," Matthew said, and let his hips fall towards hers more., and began zoning out into another world while the numbers on the treadmill flashed by. "You don't want her to perceive you as a targe — " The person on the floor erupted upwards into a jiu-jitsu stance, panting, sweating, "Who the FUCK!? If you're up for it." Effy looked down at the baggy outfit, was naked in two fluid motions, stepped in front of the mirror and looked up and down. " "I told you, that's not how this amnestic therapy works," Maria said. "I think one of them knows it," Maria said in a tone that Alexandra assumed was intended to be "purring", and what was more accurately considered "whispering." The bouncer took the clip, flipped through the bills to make sure they were actually hundreds, shrugged, and stepped aside. "You'll need to buy a ticket if you want to stay for the real thing." "We won't be staying," Maria said, pushing past.

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