2 year dating anniversary ideas for him

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Some were printables or little booklets that I bought, but everything has it’s own little personal touch and have made wonderful husband birthday gifts.Husband’s 30th Birthday This is a fun and easy birthday gift for husband, and it’s what we did for my husband’s 30th!

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She helped me do one for my husband one year and my husband watch it over and over and over.Five activities, 5-course meals, 5 reasons you love him/her, 5 ways of celebrating, 5 gifts, etc. This way you are spending your money on your relationship rather than on things, and you will enjoy the gift ALL YEAR long as you complete each activity/event together.Gifts on the Hour: I’ve seen this one floating around Pinterest. Birthday Week: Does your spouse’s birthday land on an awkward day? Make the celebration last all week by doing something small to celebrate each day (breakfast one day, gift another, movie on another, etc.) Make it Birthday Week.This is actually SUPER fun and memorable, and might just end up being his most favorite gift ever.Learn how to make the sheet and get ideas here: How to turn your master bed into a game board.

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