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Clay's Meade Auto Star Updating Guide (11/06/02) Asteroid Orbital Elements made (far) Easier (7/27/02) How to use the 3.x Updater (04/10/03) How to use the Updater: Manipulating Libraries (01/12/02) Undocumented Feature of ASU 3.0 (10/27/01) Auto Star Updater and Windows2000 fix (7/21/01) #494 ROM versions (7/21/01) Auto Star Control - Starry Night Backyard (7/12/01) Auto Star Control from Windows (05/08/01) GOTO Moon Features (9/15/03) "Expired" Elements (03/31/01) Auto Star 2.1ek Bug List (02/5/01) Auto Star Updater 2.3 Bug List (01/29/01) Loading 2.1ek with A2.1 (01/27/01) What's New in the 2.1ek update (01/01/01) Auto Star Errors (09/6/00) Windows2000, Linux, Free BSD (02/28/01) Auto Star Software Information (08/10/99) Auto Star Proc Traps (04/18/00) Satellite TLE Extractor (Windows) (12/04/02) Drag and Drop using Auto Star application (03/15/00) Auto Star Command Set (12/14/00) LX200 Commands and Auto Star (06/11/01) Star Patch: Update/Patch Auto Star (Windows) (02/04/12) Update Auto Star using a Mac (02/11/05) Auto Star X (Auto Star Updater for Mac OS X) (11/08/11) Lin_Auto Star (Auto Star Updater for Linux) (03/04/05) Auto Star III Downloads (Meade site) (12/06/09) Auto Star #497 Downloads (Meade site) (04/08/13) Auto Star Software Archive (unofficial) (04/08/13) Alignment Tips Current ETX Models Alignment (10/09/12) Compass Alignment Tip (08/28/11) Alignment Summary (02/23/07) Which Star is Brightest?

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