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I kept sleeping there and in the morning Jun Matsumoto came to wake me up.” About Mizukawa Asami (26) “We don’t date. Sponichi, “ As I plan this play will be great success I want to hang out for this dream.” Ryousi Tayama (58) as his father’s role.

” “no” he denied love relationships It was first time he talks about this matter.

Sho dressed like a smart boy and was too shy to get intimate with girls. made fun of his virginity apparently, this all changed when he started dating a johnnys jr.'s older sister, who was infamous for sleeping with a lot of juniors.

Sho fell hard for her, but she was a player and dumped him afterwards.

they dont date and they will stay single until they die (rolls eyes).....

Lol, the Nino/Masami rumor had so many flaws messed up timeline.

Then the article goes into his past when he was at the top of johnnys jr.

At first, he wasn't like other johnnys jr, who dressed up in expensive brands.

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Arashi fans brand Ohno Satoshi a traitor at recent concert due to dating rumors. of Masaki Aiba (27) of Arashi starring “1000 dreams I have with you” was held in Tokyo. Sponichi, He expressed his wishes “I hope I want to make the play that you can feel something.” Question “Who do you want to dream with?He talks about as “strange episode” the story that he was locked out of hotel room when he went to toilet he went out the room half asleep.” As I wear only underpants I couldn’t go to lobby. ” He answerers “I don’t have specific person.” About Mizukawa “She is a friend, we don’t date.” H denied the report.I think we can make parent –kid.” Aiba “look-alike” with bitter smile. Hochi, Sources: chan is just so cute..hott....the reporter know that they are not allowed to ask JE question about woman???????

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