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The Brotherhood, also known as The Brand, AB, and One-Two, was formed during the 1960s by a group of white convicts serving time at San Quentin.They allegedly were fed up with white prisoners being victimized by the two predominant gangs, the Black Gorilla Family (BGF) and the Mexican Mafia and decided to form a gang of their own for self-protection.I would pen poems for their wives, children’s and girlfriend’s birthdays, and these semi-illiterates were simply amazed. My first paid writing gig paid me a grand total of three packs of cigarettes.All of a sudden Big Red noticed how I looked like his football hero, Earl Campbell.One guy, Luke, claimed to be a direct descendant of one of the men who rode with Quantrill.

When the guard smuggled in chewing tobacco, I packed my cheeks with the foul leaf and learned to hit our coffee-can spittoon with the best of ’em.

Four people have been killed since the beginning of the year in a series of shootings that appear to be connected to the homegrown jihadists of the Aryan Brotherhood.

Mike Mc Lelland, the district attorney of Texas’s Kaufman County, and his wife, Cynthia Woodward, became the latest victims this past weekend.

While initially closely associated with Nazism ideologically, many adherents belong to the group for the identity and purpose it provides.

The ironclad rule for entrée into the Brotherhood is simple: kill a black or a Hispanic prisoner.

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