Asserting myself while dating

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[Read: Low self-worth – tips to see yourself in a better light] #9 Always take the higher moral ground.

Even if the person devolves into overt harassment, gossip, or verbal and physical threats, you should always maintain your composure and dignity against all these odds.

People will sometimes try to talk you into something.However, even if you disagree with an idea, you must maintain your dignity and uphold a superior intellectual position by arguing against the idea – not the person.An attack on the person *called an Ad Hominem* is a poor form of argument and does not solve anything at all. This is a huge part of learning how to stand up for yourself.If their reaction is becoming a clear and present danger to your life or well-being, escalate the matter to a person of higher authority who can help you deal with them.Never stoop to their level and use the same tactics they’re using.

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