Assortative dating dating a younger girl

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However, the best way to form pairs is probably to pair Addison with Bailey and Chris with Devon.Addison and Bailey would be able to enjoy one another’s company with less insecurity, for example.A little more than one-quarter of the people in these marriages were college graduates.But two-thirds of the spouses of college graduates were college graduates.Comfortingly, those couples whose attractiveness was mismatched were just as happy as the others.

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And perhaps offers some pointers as to how you end up with someone completely out of your league.

The top law firms recruit the cream of the crop from the top law schools. There are plenty of prestigious law firms that recruit new lawyers from good law schools and that are quite picky about whom they select.

But there are a few firms that will, with rare exceptions, make offers only to the top students (those who make the law review) at the most elite law schools.

The fact that clients demand these firms’ services indicates that their business model is sensible.

In the market for lawyers, then, the best and the brightest lawyers are matched to the best and most valued firms just as I would date women who cannot dance in a world where dancing was key to matchmaking. This is a pretty intuitive idea, but some economist somewhere — borrowing from the biologists who use it to explain the same phenomenon in the animal kingdom — gave it an unintuitive name: .

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