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I agreed more speaker efficiency was a Good Thing, but didn't care for horn coloration (and still don't).

Transistor amplifiers, at least if competently designed, sound more or less alike.I've been designing loudspeaker systems since 1975, but I didn't move into electronic design until 1996, when I started the Amity project.I'd been reviewing various amplifiers for Positive Feedback magazine since 1991, and was intrigued by the whole SE-DHT phenomenon - writing the first US review of the Ongaku left an impression as well.SE, PP, OTL, hybrid, exotic ultra-rare tubes, specialized radio-transmitter tubes, circuits that ran in positive-grid bias, transformer coupling, anything you could imagine.In addition to the fun articles in MJ magazine, I'd been been reading Norman Crowhurst articles for many years, and I wanted to try a circuit that had the lowest possible intrinsic distortion, especially into typical speaker loads.

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