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Sometimes the most fascinating things in the world are right next to you if you just know how to look.

It can be that you’re happy, driven, passionate, or family-orientated.Many of you probably already have my book on writing online dating profiles for men including how to write emails so that women give you their phone number in 2 messages and what to do if you (for some God-awful reason) have to initiate contact.If not, you can go to this page and buy Magnetic Profiles.When we are doing something we’re passionate about, we show all the qualities that women find attractive, including confidence. We say what we mean, we put it out there so everyone understands. They leave a little to the imagination, they hint at things, they like to fill in the blanks.The best online dating profile examples for men do the same thing. Let her fill in the blanks as you lead her where you want her to go.

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