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There are a lot of cute guys in Portland, but they all have beards. Teaches classes at She Bop (, including one on non-monogamous relationships.It takes me a long time to trust someone with a beard. The cute women have tattoos and their homes have extensive dioramas that you aren't allowed to touch. Dating in Portland has been a fun but sometimes frustrating experience.Maybe Portland isn't the dating mecca I dreamed it would be.In an attempt to find out, I surveyed a wide variety of Portland friends, coworkers, comedians, and storytellers.

I've finally started to wonder if it's because my life is some sort of Never Been Kissed parody or if the fault lies with the city itself.Zak Toscani, 30 Straight male comedian, Portland resident since 2010 B. My general thought on dating in Portland is that it's a hell of a lot easier than it was in Cincinnati.There are infinitely more people around my age in this town—so that alone opens up a lot of possibilities."If I had a dollar for every mandolin-playing barback I went out with, I'd have enough money to BUY MY OWN DINNER WHEN I GO OUT WITH THESE MANDOLIN-PLAYING BARBACKS." There's just not enough diversity in Portland—and I mean that in every sense of the word.Dating in bigger cities is different: There are more races, religions, and guys with jobs in finance. ) Cis woman, heterosexual, eight years in Portland, single most of them.

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