Beth holloway dating john ramsey 2016

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Sitting on the stairs, the former Miss West Virginia found an apparent ransom note which stated that her abducted daughter was ‘safe and unharmed’ but demanded 8,000 for her return.

Strangely, this was the exact amount that Patsy’s husband John received for a Christmas bonus in 1996, while working as the After discovering that Jon Benét was missing from her room, Patsy made a distressing 911 call to police at am, where Burke was said to have been heard talking in the background.

Subsequently, John and Patsy Ramsey were sued in two separate defamation lawsuits (including Linda Hoffman-Pugh) after the publication of their controversial book about the murder of their daughter.

Christmas in Boulder 1996 Jon Benét Ramsey was discovered dead in what has been referred to as the ‘wine cellar’ of her parent’s Boulder mansion just one day after Christmas.

According to other investigative reports, it’s inconclusive whether the 6 year-old had the pineapple an hour or two prior to her death or earlier in the day.

Burke Ramsey‘s fingerprints were also found on a nearby glass. ’ – Above is the apparent ransom note found by Patsy Ramsey.

Boulder police arrived at the scene some seven minutes later to find a frantic Patsy and an oddly clam John.

There were no signs of forcible entry at the residence, which complicated the purported kidnapping plot.

Similarly, it was discovered that unidentified dark animal hairs were found on her hands.

Nothing in the home matched the animal hair samples found on the duct tape.

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