Bijou phillips dating

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In 2014, she gave birth to their daughter, Fianna Frances Masterson.When her father passed away due to complications arising from his years of drug use, Phillips turned over a new leaf.She grew up unruly, regularly featured in tabloids for her many escapades.She broke down after losing a friend to a heroin overdose, and her father sent her to rehab (a process he was familiar with).Phillips is the youngest daughter of John Phillips (the frontman of the popular ‘60s music group, The Mamas and Papas) and his third wife, Geneviève Waïte, a South African model.She was named after the Lambert, Hendricks and Ross song, “My Petite Bijou,” which is French for “jewel.” John Phillips was a controversial figure, notorious drug abuse and romances. Aside from Bijou Phillips, two of his children followed in his famous footprints.In fact, it was Di Caprio who got her the part in Black and White, after which she had an off-screen romance with her costar, Elijah Wood. When she was 15, she had a fling with another notorious singer, Evan Dando.Her relationship with Cher’s son, Elijah Allman, was tabloid fodder.

She also briefly dated Leonardo Dicaprio and David Blaine.

She has worked with him in movies like Made for Each Other also starring his brother, Christopher Masterson, and The Bridge to Nowhere.

After getting engaged in 2009, they tied the knot in 2011 at a private ceremony in an Irish castle.

This news comes a month after it was revealed that his wife, Bijou Philips, has been suffering from kidney disease.

Phillips had been hospitalized mid-February, when Masterson spoke about her condition.

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