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Released in November 2015, the Priv -- named as a hat tip to Black Berry's focus on privacy -- was touted by Black Berry CEO John Chen as the most secure Android phone on the market.

Its launch came as the Canadian tech company was trying to carve out a path to profitability, but, last summer, a Black Berry executive revealed to that sales of the Priv device were struggling.

Potential solutions: A lot of people have run into issues with contacts being duplicated, or not displaying in certain apps.

Sometimes when a contact calls the number will appear, but not the contact name or photo.

It’s a solid phone that makes good use of the keyboard for shortcuts, but no device is completely free of troubles.

We’ve been lurking in forums and scanning the support pages to find the most common Black Berry Q10 problems that owners are reporting.

Black Berry manufactures Black Berry mobile phones.

Until the BB10 devices, all data traffic is routed through Black Berryu2019s servers.

If the latest smartphones have an Achilles’ heel it is surely battery life.Black Berry on Tuesday announced it had released the first software update for the Black Berry Priv.According to Black Berry, the update includes December's Android security patch, improvements to the camera's performance, better overall performance, and increased stability.For some, notification alerts don’t come through, but on checking the app it’s clear that new messages may have arrived. Workaround: That’s all of our Black Berry Q10 problems and fixes for now, but check back because we will update this roundup as and when we discover new issues.If you know of a fix for any of the problems listed above that we didn’t cover, or you’re experiencing something else, then post a comment.

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