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” I wondered what it could mean, and she explained: Children will always grow, no matter the circumstances, even if you place a stone on their head.On corruption: Even though it’s not at all uncommon to encounter demands for small bribes in the regular course of life here, Jesse and I have a family policy of never paying bribes of any kind.Claire is really tall, and my mother-in-law looked at her one day and said, in Kikuyu, “Mwana ndaigirirwo ihiga!

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When our older daughter Claire was about 18 months old, I took her camping at Lake Elementaita in the Great Rift Valley.For me, the smell and sight of flowers is quintessential Kenya.On culture shock: Despite having worked and lived before in very basic conditions in Africa, we both experienced some culture shock when we moved to Nairobi after spending a year in England.Luckily for us, raising our family in Kenya met both of those goals.I now stay at home with my girls and write a blog about my life here.

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