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Brazil achieved independence in 1822 having been subject to Portuguese rule for more than three hundred years.

They remained under imperial rule for 67 years until the military proclamation of independence in 1889 which followed the abolition of slavery in 1888.

Brazil managed to surmount a difficult period of financial and social problems in the latter half of the last century.

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A year later, Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci sailed to Brazil on a voyage commissioned by the Portuguese crown and returned home with a cargo of hard, reddish wood.

Brazil was hence drawn into more than fifty years of populist and military government until 1985.

The military regime was peacefully settled and power placed into the hands of civilian leaders.

Urban, middle-class Brazilians are generally unfamiliar with the interior of their own country and misrepresent it as a region of unrelenting poverty and backwardness—a stark place of few creature comforts that is best avoided.

One consequence of this attitude is that middle-class and wealthy Brazilians are more likely to have visited Miami, Orlando, or New York than to have traveled to tourist destinations in their own country.

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