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While the peer-reviewed journal literature should be accessible online without cost to readers, it is not costless to produce.

However, experiments show that the overall costs of providing open access to this literature are far lower than the costs of traditional forms of dissemination.

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Budapest tops European league for cheapest date for UK adults, costing £390 for two including flights.With such an opportunity to save money and expand the scope of dissemination at the same time, there is today a strong incentive for professional associations, universities, libraries, foundations, and others to embrace open access as a means of advancing their missions.Achieving open access will require new cost recovery models and financing mechanisms, but the significantly lower overall cost of dissemination is a reason to be confident that the goal is attainable and not merely preferable or utopian.Flexibility, experimentation, and adaptation to local circumstances are the best ways to assure that progress in diverse settings will be rapid, secure, and long-lived.The Open Society Institute, the foundation network founded by philanthropist George Soros, is committed to providing initial help and funding to realize this goal.

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