Carbon dating controversy

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Its unusually long and consistent half-life made it great for dating.

Willard Libby from the University of Chicago put it to the test.

Dates were assigned to Southwestern ruins with certainty.

Her team includes UA bristlecone pine expert Matthew Salzer; radiocarbon experts Greg Hodgins, Tim Jull, Peter Brewer, Richard Cruz, and Todd Lange; dendrochronologists Tomasz Wazny and Peter Kuniholm; and archaeologist Steven Kuhn.

In its most conventional form, dendrochronology works like so.

A contemporary tree—that is, a tree that was either just cut down or still living—can tell you not just how many years it has lived, but which years in which it lived. What if it’s been used to build a home or a ship or a bonfire?

The 18-year space race between the Soviet Union and United States yielded the first moon landing.

It took just short of ten years for the Ancient Greeks to build the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens. Charles Darwin spent just five weeks in the Galapagos, a voyage without which he would have never written .

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