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Allies, 16, 168, 314, 504, 640, 784 At Oka, Province of Quebec. Hubert Burke, 359 Carthusians (The Last of the) and the Fate of the Observant Fathers..? Hubert Burke, 250 Carthusian (The) Martyrs of England. Hubert Burke, 43 Catholic Musings on Tennyson's " In Memo- riam." *** 205 Celtic Languages, The Decay of the. But as regards columns and marbles, and other more precious things which you may judge suitable for decora- tion, take care to communicate directly with us, so that when we know from your letters the number and quality of such things as are requisite we may provide for their transportation from the places where they can 60 CHRISTIAN JERUSALEM. For it is proper that the place which is most admirable among all localities of the world should be adorned in a manner befitting its dignity. We have ordered that the artificers and workmen, and all things which in your prudence you may judge necessary for this work, should be provided and directed by their care after receiving, as is fitting, all requisite information from you. I desire you to know that I have committed to our mutual friend, Dracilianusthe pro-praetor, and to the president of the province, the charge of superintending the laying of the foundations and erecting the walls in an elegant style. " ' Therefore, it becomes your prudence so to provide all things necessary for the work that not only the basilica itself may be the most beautiful of all which can be seen in any place, but that all parts of the edifice may far surpass the finest fabrics which can be found in any of the cities of the world.

Then he passed on to the work of inclosing a large space of the ground surrounding the sep- ulchre and open to the sky, laying down a splendid pavement of stones and building long porticoes on every side of the enclosure. I think all are perfectly well aware of that of which I wish you in particular to be fully persuaded, that nothing is more ardently desired by me than that we should adorn with beautiful fabrics that sacred place which by the commandment of God I have purified from the sacrilegious structure which had been piled up over it, which was holy from the beginning in the judgment of God, but was made much more holy after the faith of the Lord's passion had been made manifest. D., 261 Observant Fathers (and the Fate of the), The last of the Carthusians. In regard to these things, my one chief object is that, while the truth of the faith is daily becoming more evident by new won- ders, all our minds should be stirred up to the observance of our most holy law, with 1 modesty and harmonious alacrity. It was sur- rounded by twelve columns, according to the number of the twelve apostles 1 88 1 .] CHRISTIAN JER u SALEM. Near these gates, as the culminating point of the whole edifice, was a hemisphere extending to the summit of the basilica.

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