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It is later revealed to be on an island in the Solaris ocean.In 1968, the director Andrei Tarkovsky had two motives for cinematically adapting the Polish science fiction novel, Solaris (1961), by Stanisław Lem: firstly, he admired Lem's work.The Mosfilm committee disliked it and Lem got furious over this unacceptably drastic alteration of his novel.The final screenplay yielded the shooting script which has less action on Earth, and Kelvin's marriage to his second wife, Maria, was deleted from the story.She learns from Sartorius that the original Hari had committed suicide ten years earlier.Sartorius, Snaut, Kelvin and Hari gather together for a birthday party, which evolves into a philosophical argument, during which Sartorius reminds Hari that she is not real.He also finds that Gibarian left him a rambling, cryptic farewell video message, warning him about the station.After a fitful sleep, Kelvin is shocked to find Hari (Natalya Bondarchuk), his late wife, in his sleeping quarters. Terrified by her presence, Kelvin launches the replica of his wife into outer space.

With Fridrikh Gorenshtein, Tarkovsky co-wrote the first screenplay in the Summer of 1969; two-thirds of it occurred on Earth.Kelvin debates whether or not to return to Earth or to remain with Solaris.Kelvin meets with his father at their country home.The Hari present among them, though not human, thinks and feels as though she were.Sartorius theorizes that the visitors are composed of "neutrino systems" but that it might still be possible to destroy them through use of a device known as "the annihilator".

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