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Among the Khoisan, it is regarded as a sign of beauty: it begins in infancy and is fully developed by the time of the first pregnancy.While the Khoisan afford the most noticeable examples of its development, it is by no means rare in other parts of Africa, and occurs even more frequently among male Basters than among Khoikhoi women. The Great Glacial Ice Sheets that covered most of Europe, started to melt and a group, or groups of these Khoisan peoples walked across the Gibraltar straits and entered Europe.If correct, this is set to challenge the widely held view that the Americas were first colonised from the north, via the Bering Straits at around 10,000 BC, only moving down into Central and South America in the millennia thereafter (a model known as the Clovis First Theory, after the 'Clovis-tradition' stone tools used by these settlers).So what is this contentious art and why is it being given such an ancient date?Set within treacherously steep cliffs, and hidden away in the secluded valleys of northeast Brazil, is some of South America’s most significant and spectacular rock art.Most known art comes from the archaeologically-important National Park of the Serra da Capivara in the state of Piauí, and it is causing quite a controversy. The rock art is being dated to around 25,000 years ago, while a small number of eminent rock art specialists are proposing an even earlier date - perhaps as far back as 36,000 years ago.

Around 75,000 years ago, in a cave near the southern Cape shoreline in South Africa, a human drilled tiny holes into the shells of snails and strung them as beads to make the oldest known jewelry.The shells are marked with traces of red ochre, suggesting they were either decorated with iron oxide pigment or; they were worn by someone wearing primitive makeup with iron oxide pigment.They are the first evidence of artistic creativity and symbolism in Modern Man.In the Khoisan language, consonants are pronounced with a clicking sound.This prompted their Dutch invaders to call them “Hottentots” – a derogatory word meaning "stutterer" or "stammerer" in the language of the Dutch invaders; Who, together with British and German settlers, would eventually exterminate them with the Herero and Namaqua Genocides. C.), when the ancestors of today's British, Dutch, and Germans: The Celts and Germans who migrated into Europe from the place of their evolution, (the Eurasian Plains): exterminated the Khoisan inhabitants of Europe and seized their lands.

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