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The original game was hosted by Nexon America, and while niche, it gathered a dedicated fanbase.However, in 2013, Nexon suddenly declared that the game could no longer be supported, and the game was shut down that June.Because of the differences between the past version and current version of the game, the following tropes are divided into respective categories.

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The southern poor ate cold turkey washed down with ever-present cider.

Hooker [Bobbs-Merrill Company: Indianapolis IN] 1981(p. 67) "English settlers in teh seventeenth century ate three meals a day, as they had in England...

For most people, breakfast consisted of bread, cornmeal mush and milk, or bread and milk together, and tea.

In spite of this, Neople refused to let it simply die, and resurrected the game in 2014 as .

After some beta testing, the game officially re-launched late 2014 with the Metastasis, a gigantic overhaul update written in as a world-rending catastrophe that caused the reset of Aradian history as we knew it.

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