Dating a america american man

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i didn’t GET that her Dove commercial smile hid rows of crocodile teeth.

the most passive aggressive comment i was later able to identify as passive aggressive was a critique made by a senior partner when i was a summer associate.

mostly, I just decided that people were being genuine and and kind, and went on, deluded but unmarked.

i knew my grammar wasn’t elite, but she said it was right substantively, so there. Later, when the jogs of time dredged up this memory, I had the belated a-ha realization that Grandma Partner was being GRADE-A pass aggress. I think if you decide to act passive aggressively, and I take your words at face value, then tough nougies for you.

Critique isn’t helpful unless it’s straightforward. i don’t get what people who constantly deal in passive aggression think they are about – though their ability to cloth their meanings in the bastard child of animosity and artifice obviously contributes to their sense of self worth.

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