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A relationship is supposed to be between mature adults who care about one another's needs. However, some relationships are between one mature adult and one overgrown child who only cares about him or herself. They expect the world in exchange for a finger-painting. It's your fault for leaving that kitchen table where it always is everyday. I am currently dating a woman who has a pre-teen daughter that runs the house.If we have plans to go out it has to be approved by the little princess.

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The point that the OP made was that this kid was spoiled (in their mind) and that this was dividing the two adults.And even their Dad is glad to be rid of them because they're the f*cking worst.4. Or they just soil themselves and expect you to do the laundry.9. If I end up going over for dinner without "prior approval" the daughter sometimes heaps guilt on mom until the whole evening is ruined.I understand and my lady friend understands that this is a complete manipulation performed by a master.

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