Dating a married wife in malawi

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South Africa is presently the only country in Africa where same-sex marriage is legal.There is a prevailing perception that the concept of same-sex marriage is foreign to Africa.Whatever your views on marriage may be, it is undeniably a key social institution with major implications for the accordance of rights and privileges in a particular society. Cultural norms, beliefs and values set the rules for all aspects of marriage, which include who we marry, when we marry, how we marry and what is expected of us in a marriage.It would not be an exaggeration to say that culture has everything to do with marriage.However, there is a specific form of same sex marriage, commonly known as woman marriage that has been practiced in Africa since before the advent of colonialism.Woman marriage is where a woman marries another woman.This is because they will want an heir to inherit their name, wealth and property.A woman in this situation will find a younger woman to marry and bear her children.

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Traditionally, woman marriage has served as an avenue through which women exercise social influence and patronage in societies where inheritance and succession pass through the male line.

She will become a female husband by giving bride-wealth and observing all the other the rituals asked of a suitor by the bride’s family.

The wife may have children with any man she wishes, or a man chosen by the female husband, but the legal and social ‘father’ of the children will be the female husband.

Marriage is, after all, a cultural and social construct.

As such, cultural beliefs inform the framework of what marriage customs and practices are considered acceptable in a society.

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