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Sometimes people are so busy sorting out their work, the children, etc.that they don't spend time with each other as a couple and this is important to keep the marriage healthy.Laugh together and have fun together - if you regularly laugh together and have fun together great.

The person you are with now is not the same person as you were with before. If you were a trustworthy person and being honest in the relationship how would it make you feel if your partner constantly accused you of lying, questioned you all the time about where you were or who with, accused you of cheating etc. You cannot judge a person on how a totally different person treated you.

For a relationship to be healthy there has to be trust between two people and unless you have very good reason to believe your partner is betraying that trust, then for the sake of the relationship you need to try and put all other thoughts out of your mind.

Tell yourself that your partner has chosen you to be with, your partner loves you. Try when you can to spend time together - try and get out of the house together - go for a meal, film, walk in the park, do some activity together, maybe some of the things you used to do when you first met, or just chill out in the evening with candles, take away meal and relax together.

When we first get together with someone we love we often say to our partner we love him/her - that doesn't have to stop - if you find it difficult to say it verbally - send your partner a little card or letter.

Listen to each other and treat each other with respect .

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