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Secondly, because you’ve had a personal connection, people are less likely to flake on the date.Thirdly, by taking up a hobby you give yourself a much longer window of time to get to know people."Our events ban phones and encourage people to communicate with each other by doing something fun.”It’s unfortunate that many people need the 'excuse' of a weird and wacky event to approach someone face-to-face, but this is the world in which we live, says dating coach Hayley Quinn."In 2018, we’re facing two big barriers to meeting people in real life.The company's off-the-wall events include 'Dirty Scrabble Dating' (speed dating and scrabble with dirty words) and Jenga dating, which it claims help to break the ice.

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Guys write things like 'Do not message me if...' followed by a list of things that irritate them in their bios.One day I just thought, fuck, something's wrong if your 'Hey world, wanna date me?' message is a nasty, negative rant."Ann has been on three dates since bowing out of apps and while they've been a mixed bag, she says there are major advantages to only ever connecting with someone in real life."I haven't been on as many dates since, but that’s kind of the point.There's a tendency with dating apps to rush into a first date to avoid wasting time chatting through the app, which inevitably leads to a string of underwhelming dates."The biggest benefit of having an IRL-only rule?

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