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Chase and Alyssa became good friends and started dating in February 2014. "We enjoy working out together and coaching each other in our respective events, as well as outdoorsy activities and staying at home watching Netflix," Alyssa Monteverde-Dalton said. 16, 2014 Him: Football 2008-2011 Her: Track 2010-2012 Becoming acquainted "Matt and I met in February of 2010 on a blind date," Mary Beth Small Edwards said.

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She transferred to BYU in August 2013 to be closer to her sisters.After a few tutoring sessions, Lauren's teammate decided to set the two up."When I met Lauren on the date, I actually realized I knew who she was from checking her out at some soccer games, but I had to play it cool and keep that a secret until later in our relationship," Jacob Cosby said.After a few months, they decided to meet at a men’s soccer game."I’ll never forget that first night together," Andrew Heap said.

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