Dating antique beds

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It was true………I use to fill up my truck with everything from quilts, stain glass windows and beds and be able to usually sell the entire load to no more than 2 or 3 dealers. What I get a kick out of most from a person sending me a photo of their bed, is when they ask me what it’s worth? it depends on if you intend to try and sell it retail or wholesale, also where you plan on selling it or if you’re OK with shipping to someone out of state.

But what usually ensues, after I’ve told them what their bed is worth, is their question…….they’re ready to ask top dollar for it. I patiently explain to them that my beds come directly from the source…….people that were actually sleeping on them much of the time.

Surprisingly enough, many of the beds people have come to me with have been beds that I’ve never seen before. I also invite you to take a look at our company Face Book page for multiple photo albums on Custom Finishes, Canopy Conversions and a comprehensive “Before & After” King Conversions album.

Which continually amazes me……having been in the business for 40 years and having seen and sold thousands in that time.

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Bed warmers were used to warm beds in the olden days, before the days of furances and central heating.

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Look for especially large contraptions, like a wooden design frame in the shape of a bed, or bed wagons.

Look in the center for a space that would have contained a section for holding glowing charcoal or wood.

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