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The chain began to do away with this practice during the gas shortage of the late 70s/early 80s. Question 1: What is the phone number for Cracker Barrel? Tagged as: cracker barrel corporate, cracker barrel corporate office, cracker barrel corporate office phone number, cracker barrel corproate email, Cracker Barrel Customer Complaint Desk, Cracker Barrel Customer Complaints, cracker barrel headquarters, cracker barrel main office I eat at Cracker Barrel a lot. In 2012, company founder Dan Evins died of bladder cancer.To top it all when I started to pay and run my card a bug run out and I had to wait for the woman to pick up a napkin and kill the bug before I could pay the bill. Please send someone down here that they don’t .expect to check them out. I will never understand the lack of concern when it comes to cleaning.

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It also took me forever to find this link to send you a message. I always spend over a hundred dollars on your new baby clothes fot my great granddaughter.

Can you also make it easier for old geezers like me to contact Cracker Barrel? Just this last friday i spent 126.09 for her some outfits and a coat.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the little fall dress and some other items. I paid 24.99 for that dress and I know someone kept it.

If you are going to advertise, don’t show the chicken so that people are wanting that and they can’t get it. I wouldn’t go to your restaurant when you start doing that. Now, not that I think the phone business was that busy, but, inadequate staff who did not want to take orders.

I base this on two previous orders I had placed when I was give the wrong food the first time, drove home and 20 minutes later had to return.

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