Dating fender bassman 10

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The tube chart date code works like this: the first letter indicates the year and the second letter indicates the month.

So if your blackface amp has a date code stamp of OB, it was made in 1965/February.

I'm also not going to get too deeply into technical details of circuitry.

I apologize in advance if I got a date wrong, a model wrong, etc.

I am not an expert on amps, Fender amps, or Silverface Fender amps. I am merely someone that loves old gear, appreciates Silverface amps, loves to write, and loves history.

So, here I am, writing about the history of some old gear, the Silverface Fender.

Use the latest one to give you a good idea of when it was made.

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by Frank Stroupe ***WARNING-There are voltages inside of a tube guitar amp that can KILL you.Now if it’s a blackface amp, it’s a safe bet that 6 means 1966. This code can be found on the power transformer, output transformer, choke, and reverb transformer.They are all usually within a few months of each other.There are some easy ways to find out when your vintage Fender was manufactured.First, to get a general idea,there’s the appearance/style of the amp.

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