Dating in aurangabad

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Nights are usually pleasant and cooler during the entire summer. Winter, from November to February, is the most comfortable time to visit Aurangabad.

The average winter temperature ranges from a maximum of 22°C to a minimum of 10°C. The monsoon ranges from June to October and receives moderate rainfall of 91 cm on an average.

It was around this time that the viharas (monasteries) were carved out of caves in what is now Ajanta, and the stunning cave paintings were made, to be lost and rediscovered in the early 19th century. There were 52 gates in Aurangabad so it is also known as बावन गेटाचे शहर ("city of 52 gates"); only 15 gates still stand with pride and have become the characteristic part of the city.

The carvings in the Ellora caves track the changing fortunes of three major religions Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism between the 5th and the 10th century CE. These are as follows- The Yadava kings established their capital in Devagiri (also spelt Deogiri) and built a fort that stands to this day.

Aurangabad, a dream destination of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, founded in 1610, is known today as one of the four important cities in Maharashtra.

The city is heading towards rapid industrial growth, but retains its past glory and charms, heritage and traditions.

Except for Bharkal gate all the other gates are associated with the period of Aurangzeb.

The gates with prime importance were the ones facing the four directions, Delhi Gate facing the North, Paithan gate facing South, Makai Gate (Mecca Gate) facing East and the Khas Gate facing the West. Out of 52 gates only 13 have survived over the period of time.

He died in 1707 in Khuldabad near Aurangabad city and was buried there—the battles ultimately resulted in the demise of his empire too.

The important and Architecturally most appealing gates include Delhi Gate, kala Darwaza, Makia Gate, Paitahn gate and Rangeen Darwaza.

The climate of Aurangabad is temperate, with low relative humidity and diverse but not extreme weather conditions Aurangabad, like any other part of India, experiences three major seasons: summer, winter and monsoon.

It is considered to be a masterpiece of Mughal architecture in the Deccan plateau.

The entire city of Aurangabad was fortified and huge entrance gates were erected.

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