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Jealousy, Block theorizes, is a social construct based on the notion that husbands own their wives, and is thus "much more recent, evolutionarily speaking, than the competition that turns guys on.That's why it's mostly intellectuals who are into cuckolding: because other guys are crippled by jealousy.“The high point of cuckolding is when your wife says she wants the other guy all the time and never wants you.”This isn’t like swinging, and it’s not a threesome.Cuckolded men (aka "cucks") only observe their wives’ infidelities, they don’t participate.Sally's body makes it very clear that this is true.It hurts me worse to know this, so it's better to know." Worst/best of all is watching Sally bond with the other man not only physically but emotionally—when, as Paul puts it, she's "masturbating him with her mind."This emotional bond that women form with the third party is a topic of excited discussion on cuckolding forums.Soon their clothes are off, and before long, she’s wailing in ecstasy as the man has aggressive, passionate sex with her. Afterward, Paul serves lunch to his wife and the man in the suite’s dining area; they eat in the nude before launching into another long, loud, sweaty session.

What's important for a man in terms of his arousal is the competition.When he hears his wife moan with pleasure while she has sex with another man, Paul Pines feels bad—then good.When Paul’s wife tells him that the other man is much better at sex than he ever was, Paul feels worse—then better.And this is really hard for me to say"—at this point, his voice cracks—"but I get off on it."Although he doesn't know precisely why he's wired this way—"I've told all my therapists I'm happy to talk with them about this as long as they promise they won't try to cure me"—Paul remembers walking in on his parents once when he was too young to realize what they were doing in bed."They said, ' Get out!' And I knew it was something very exciting, and that when it's going on, Paul belongs outside—that my place should always be outside of it, which is a really cool place to be."For other cuckolds, pain isn’t the point.

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