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An actual message from the site administrator to hitman applicants goes like this: (Note – message text sent to applicants varies.The formatting of the below message has been modified for readability, all spelling and wording is as-is from the original message)Use a smart phone to make a video of 1 minute, first show the paper to the camera, spill gas on the car and video record while doing so, then get back, throu the cotton thing with fire on it to the car, and video record it, while holding the paper or cartoon up so the car is visible burning behind itthrow the fire to it from a 2-3 meters, make sure you don’t burn yourself when doing this.News reports of websites being hacked and data being leaked has become an all too common occurrence.

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In every country, there is always a story that is widely believed to be true, regardless of the fact that it can fail to be true.After a very few short messages, the site administrator handed over all information that had been provided by the individual ordering the hit.The admin also included their information stating they were willing to work with the FBI if needed and granting permission for this person to contact them again should they need additional information about contracted hits within Texas.Is very important that you know what you are doing, gasoline burns quickly if you are not able to set a car on fire while being safe don’t do it.Select a car into some remote place from where you can run away and hide after setting fire to it.

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