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I stayed in a ballin' ass pad in Sidi Bou Said, right near Carthage (historical stomping grounds of the infamous Hannibal).

I still have good friends I keep in touch with from there.

“There was a point when I resorted to going to food banks, yet all Haithem did was moan.” Then one evening, five weeks after he had arrived, he apologised.

Sarah recalls: “He hugged me and told me, ‘I’m sorry’.

She says: “Haithem was an entertainer at the hotel and we got chatting.

“I only had a few days of my holiday left and while I was sad to leave him, I thought he would lose interest in me once I was home.” But Haithem stayed in constant contact.

Haithem said: “When we were in Tunisia, we were fine but since we came here, she don’t care about me.

"In my second week here she told me to go to work labouring while my hand is broken.

There hasn't been a dedicated Tunisia thread but I've made posts about the place in previous years.

WHEN Sarah Phillips met a handsome Tunisian on holiday, she thought she had found the man of her dreams.

But 22-year-old toyboy Haithem Ben Mohammed had other ideas — and after the mother of one had spent £6,000 bringing him to Britain to become her husband, he dumped her for another woman.

The next day he kissed me as usual before going to work.” “I couldn’t believe it.

I wanted an explanation but I couldn’t get one.” Unable to get hold of her husband, Sarah reported him to the police as missing.

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