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Please consider signing up for a Pro Search or Pro API plan to continue using our website, or if you would like to purchase data directly please contact us via our contact page.I want to stop for a second and specifically talk about men who are recently divorced or who find themselves single for the first time in their late thirties, forties or fifties. Let’s look at an average divorced man in his late thirties.If he was married at age 27 and was married for ten years that means he got married in 1999!Guess what; back then, dating online was as creepy and strange as placing a personal ad in the paper!More good news, some of the fastest growing demographics for online daters are men and women over thirty!Right now it’s estimated that 50% of all US singles use online dating websites while as much as 75% of singles in the UK are dating online!Supply Side Dating is not about “Game” or Picking up Women in bars and clubs.If you are out of your twenties, and now find yourself in your thirties and forties, single, possibly divorced and you just don’t want to feel like the “Creepy Old Guy in the Bar”, have no fear! In short, Supply Side Dating is not creepy, weird or unnatural and that is one of the reasons why it is so universally successful.

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While men in their twenties may have radically different goals than men in their fifties when it comes to meeting women, Supply Side Dating will cover all the bases from finding a hook up for the night, to finding a Soul Mate for the rest of your life.

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