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If the actor engages you in conversation fine, but don't creep them out ( by fanning out). A producer came in and told me to calm down, that I was not fired, that Eric was just having one of his moments. Due to my job, advertising in fashion, I've met many over the years. Joan Collins was one of the nicest I've ever met, she was funny, charming and actually engaged with the fans who approached her. I encounter so many in work, or just out, that the very few times I've tried to say something really stand out. She thinks her pussy doesn't stink, and yes it does Joan. As I was walking through, Mc Gorry was sitting at one of the tables and looked up at me. He acted like he was the star and made a volunteer cry. R99 Maybe it's just me but being comped something makes me tip even better.

day one we were told always always knock, knock again, go in drop of the script and leave. Yeah, my Joan encounters weren't great either (I've posted too many times). And awfully grand acting for someone who was practically a hooker before Dynasty hit. I had to leave work for a dental appointment one morning and walked through craft services area. I accidentally bumped Matt Mc Gorry's elbow and he spilled his coffee/drink. My mouth was swollen from the work I'd had done, and I had a huge chunk of gauze in it.

Most everyone knew me was nice and just let me go about my business. He says "we know." Turns out Eric called up and demanded I be fired. Peter thanked me and Eric introduced himself to me (because I was talking to Peter - he had to come over and assert himself). My friend was working a fashion show Joan was involved in. I already planned on spending it and if they are hooking me up, I feel like it's the least I can do.

I had an arm full of scripts and knocked on Eric Braeden's dressing room door. He look at me and screams "get the hell out of my dressing room." I did. Peter laughed looked at Eric and said "he's been working here for two months." Later I would recount to Peter that Eric wanted me fired the week before. Baranski, I just wanted to tell you that I love your work. Same with Paul Williams when he came into a video store where I was working and I told him how much I loved his Muppet Movie music. Joan joked around and actually fixed the camera for my friend! About 15 years ago, he was filming in NYC, that TV show. I used to run into Gene Siskel at art and antique auctions, and when he got out bid on something he had this weird habit of glaring at whoever won the auction.

It’s even worse now people just stand their filming them with their phones. Actually, some people are just assholes, it has nothing to do with the loss of privacy.

I know they acknowledge their careers have caused the loss of their anonymity, but I still think it must be unnerving to have people coming up to you in shops and restaurants and acting familiar with you.

I continued to hear stories about how badly she treated people. I don't know as I've never found her that talented. We thanked them for the honour more than they did for the food. Weeks after I started there, I got on an elevator and there he was. Another time was when I was working in retail at a book store. My manager was a nervous wreck which was kind of stupid. I read a true story of a young lady who went up to Madonna and told her that she really admired her and her work. I'd been at the same table for 4-5 hours and had no intention to get up, except to use the restroom.

Asked her director father (in front of me) for me not to look at her.... Total bitch and I was told by a few in the crew not worry because they all HATED her. As I was progressing through the crowd, I began to understand that someone famous was around. I started wondering WHO could cause such a was obviously a big fish. Condescending and arrogant about her education, her dance experience, and on and on. I had heard he absolutely hated being recognized as that guy from the Love Boat. She wanted to know about some items on sale so I had to get my manager because I wasn't sure. And it gets to them sometimes after the umpteenth awkward encounter with a fan.

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Worked on a morning show in NY back in the 90’s and 2000s. What a nightmare, she complained about everything, a total pain in the ass. Had a great interview with her and saw her running in the park later that day. If a fan comes to her with a compliment, she makes her feel bad so the fan slinks away. They may be very self-critical and comments on their performance, even positive ones, may dredge up feelings of inadequacy.

In a trench coat and dark glasses I wrote a few weeks ago how I saw Deneuve in Paris - how I'd just arrived and dumped my bags in my room and hit the street and she was the first person I saw. Huffing and puffing because she couldn't get one I've seen Vanessa Redgrave a few times around London - she looks almost freaked out to be recognized.[quote]I don't believe the "don't look at me" stories people tell over and over.

I saw him on a TV interview and he said that HE was the star of every movie he was in. A fan told a story of his encounter with Katharine Hepburn back in the day.

"Almost got into a fistfight with Kiefer Sutherland at a high-end grocery store in Toronto, since he pushed my partner aside, just to make some space for himself to walk by. She perked up and started asking us about the route. I've seen fans say "Mr Barlow, I've..." and before they can finish, it's "No! I was humiliated and may never compliment another celeb ever again. I think some situations of assholery may be just people not taking compliments well.

Again, as I was leaving, I say under my breath: "Are you hoping to read something about yourself in there? I walked in and spoke to the cameraman who went to my gym about running in Cenral Park later that day. He tipped 10 dollar to the server.[quote]William Roache, Ken Barlow on Coronation Street is a complete fan asshole. SOAP people really get it - because people really think they know them.[quote] Minor celeb but british actor Charles Dance gave me the dirtiest look when I was working as a sales assistant in a gap store back in the day. Linda Lavin was totally dismissive when I told her I'd enjoyed a play I'd seen her in that same night.

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