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we thought, and then we began to wonder: Was it really?Was it even fair to encourage Ethan—with all his limitations and the frustration born of those limitations—to start a relationship with a girl who was hardly ready to handle one of his meltdowns?Drawn toward the romantic ideals they’ve watched for years on movies and on TV, young adults with intellectual disabilities to participate in the stories they’ve seen play out on screen. Without the knowledge of what’s involved and the vocabulary to discuss it, they are far more likely to get drawn into situations where they might be victimized.

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At one point, I sat with my new friend who turned out to have a little trouble talking about anything is about,” she loudly proclaimed to a lobby full of her peers who weren’t paying attention.

“This class is about how people develop caring relationships,” Brian Melanson, one of the teachers, explained.

“It’s about learning the art of back-and-forth conversation and finding shared pleasures. ” Most people might agree with this sentiment but pause at including sex in that picture.

Think of teaching sexuality as you would think of teaching your child anything else.

We only ask that that you don’t skip any activities just because you assume your child won’t be able to grasp the concepts.

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