Diy dating scam

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This hoax is usually run by driveway paving companies, whose materials — hot-top asphalt and concrete — can’t be returned to the supplier.So the crew pulls up to your house with a load of leftover product and quotes a great price to resurface your driveway on the spot.If you're the victim of a mimicking scam online, where fraudsters pretend to be from a genuine company, it’s also worth contacting the company that has been mimicked.Whether it’s a bank, government department or other company cited in the email, if you notify the company they can take steps to warn other people about the scam.

Some of the details don’t make it into the , but you figure it doesn’t matter because you had such a clear verbal understanding.How to protect yourself: Never hire a contractor on the spot, whether it’s a driveway paver, an emergency repairman who shows up after a major storm, or a landscaper with surplus plantings.Take your time to check contractors out to make sure they have a good reputation and do quality work.Here are five ways to identify if a contractor could be scamming you, and how to protect yourself: This is the most common ruse reported to the Better Business Bureau.Your contractor explains that because he has to order materials and rent earthmoving equipment to get the job started, he needs, say, 30%-50% of the project price up front.

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