Diy updating knob and tub

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Remedy: Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint, Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic Retailing for approx -, this is pure magic in a can! If you are unfamiliar with electrical wiring, call in help!

Have an expert or someone you know that understands how electricity works take down the fixture for you. If you purchase the paint in the image above, Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint, Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic there is no need to prime.

I am replacing the rest of the tub/shower fixtures with others that have a satin nickel finish.

I wanted to update the knob chrome finish to satin nickel so everything will eventually match.

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The reason for this is that these older systems could have worn out wires that have shorts in it, causing electrical problems such as shorting out, starting fires and/or even causing small explosions.

It is getting tricky to find stylish/updated knobs for two valve set ups.

After doing a great deal of research and attempting a lot of online shopping for new knobs, I realized I didn’t have many options for new knobs and decided to refurbish the old ones.

Ditto, the 1/3 can of Graphite Chalk Paint that was left from a chair that I painted last fall.

I'm also not spending money to replace the mirror..light bar..the toilet tissue holder...because let's face it, the chances that they'd survive Phase 2 of the renovation in one piece and that I would be able to actually locate all of the parts when it came time to re-install them.....let's not kid ourselves... I'm still looking for the charger for my electric's been a month.

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