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Telmate has contracted to provide phone service to all DOC facilities.The Telmate system offers several calling programs, including Preview Plus, Prepaid Calling, Inmate Voicemail and more.Mail the money order/cashier's check to: Currently, there is no maximum or minimum amount of money you can deposit for phone accounts. For trust accounts, you can deposit any amount up to 0.

Once you purchase a Money Gram, call Telmate’s customer service team at 1.866-516.0115 and provide them with your receipt number.

If you are unable to verify automatically, you can verify by filling out a form and sending in a copy of your ID.

Many phone carriers, including all cell phone carriers and VOIP services do not accept collect calls.

If your phone service provider does not allow collect calls, you can still receive calls from DOC inmates by depositing funds into their prepaid account, or you can create a prepaid account for your phone number.

Most phone carriers have a monthly limit on collect calls that they will carry to non-customers.

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