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If you have clarity, you will of Civil Services exam demands self-confi enc e bd ecaus eeasily overcome of many problems. After select- who are hard working and intelligent and have taken ing optionals, materials and selection of study portion of syllabus, follow them strictly.5Copyright © 2009WWW. The right choice of reading material is im- syllabus. Choose only those portions of the book Statistics and Geography maps etc, practice is very im- which are part of your syllabus and especially you have portant.One should be clear only this can keep you on the right track during theabout optionals, study materials, concept, thought, facts long preparation and examination. Follow the syllabus instead of reading wholeportant and crucial. One should also practice other subjects and made guess for this year examination.Robert Collier says ‘Your chances of success in any un- dertaking can always be measured by your belief in Clarity: yourself.’ Yes self confi enc e p ays m s t im or tant rol e dl op Candidate must have a clear approach during the prepa- in success of a person.A diffi t and lengt h p ocesscul y rration and examination. Section -1 (Article Hind Mains Exam Strategy)SECTION - 1 (Article: : CSE Go through the syllabus and past-year Q papers: Sometimes the questions are ‘conceptual’ in nature, Read syllabus past year questions of GS and your twoaimed at testing the comprehension levels of the basic optionals carefully, specially past two years. Get a list of standard textbooks from the suc- you will understand what and how to read to tackle thecessful candidates, or other sources and also selective questions and also important and less important part of good notes.

HOT TOPIC - Section 377 of the IPCCSE Mains2009GS Model Paper Solved1Copyright © 2009WWW. These articles are written in a way that its useful for long answer type questions, as well as short answer type questions. Section -1 (Article Hind Mains Exam Strategy)SECTION - 1 (Article: : CSECivil Services (Main) Examination-2009Winning Strategy By R. Pandeyright decision, right optional, chosen right study mate- rials but ultimately they could not succeed, because of Civil Services in India provide not only jobs for earning their lack in self- confi enc e.

Develop and follow your own style of writ- edge in a coherent and logical manner, as expected by ing.

Try not to be repetitive and maintain a fl w in th o e the examiner.

gateway of mains, nothing more, but main exam is a real test and here each mark not only decide your suc-Time Management: cess but also your ranking.

A good ranking means the Last but not least, time management is very important more chance for you to get your dream job. It plays very important role in prepa- is useful for those, who are going to appear at main this ration.

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