Elderly people and dating

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She would never buy anything, or if she did, it would be returned shortly afterwards.

A branch of Sainsbury’s is trialling a “relaxed” check-out lane for people who want a less hectic shopping experience.

Is our country telling us that it’s not okay to age - something that starts the moment we’re born?

-And why is it that women start feeling invisible in their 40‘s?

The Living History Project is a mini-documentary series on Michigan’s senior residents by Michigan State University students and professors Geri Alumit Zeldes –PH. Stories can be downloaded on itunes or viewed on You Tube.

If you’re a woman, your most attractive years are somewhere between 17–28. You are more confident and successful and know how to get different kinds of women. Thus an ageing woman usually finds an ever decreasing pool of available, attractive men. Before you horn in that the young girl doesn’t really love the man, but is after his money — nonsense! ), she is guaranteed to get a top-tier quality guy.

After 30, you become more unattractive with every year that you gain. An ageing man, however, can still hook up with a young 24 year old — why would he go for that rusty 37 year old with saggy tits? You don’t understand how attraction works with men and women: Men like beautiful women. Whether or not a woman is attractive is usually determined upon sight. By success, I don’t necessarily mean financial success, but rather achievement.

And that’s why unmarried, single women after 30 suddenly discover that they are feminists!

The older someone gets, the harder it is to buy holiday gifts for him or her. My wife and I stopped exchanging gifts because frankly, we get what we need all year round! My mom, who passed away in June, terribly missed Christmas Eve dinners in south Philadelphia. Being Italian, of course we had the meal of the seven fishes and then some.

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