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When the slave brings the pot to Trimalchio he peed in it, asked for water and then used the slave’s hair to dry his hands.... [tags: Creative Writing Examples] - Dinner Party I walked out into my dinning room where I had been mulling over the table all day. I glanced at the place settings for the hundredth time, trying to decide if I should sit Alfred Zingale and Matthias Arndt next to each other.[tags: Ancient Rome] - The invites had been sent; the RSVPs had come in. The party took place at a super-secret location in Hawaii. It wasn’t that I was worried about conflicting views, actually it was quiet the contrary, and I didn’t want them to be able to double team the other guests.But, like all realities, it was true whether I admitted it or not.And, eventually, even I could no longer pretend and my house of cards crumpled to the ground, leaving me alone, naked of all pretense, and cast out by my mother.Through time, I'm sure that even that scar will fade. But, this year, on the anniversary of the day of my birth, it's still red. And, it has brought me peace, and freedom from love on someone else's terms.

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For my dinner party, I would invite Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington. I almost forgot about it, but I have kids old enough to remind me these days.While my dad will celebrate the day with me a little early, my mom won't be there at all. Those questions require far more words than a simple "estrangement," and yet I find myself little able to answer them. Why doesn't my mother remind me that she will always be there for me?All three of the Presidents I would invite to my dinner party grew up in the South and I imagine they each enjoyed a hearty, rich meal.... [tags: Akbhal, Procopius, Thomas Aquinas] - Trimalchio hosts’ a farewell dinner which is a dinner given to gladiators who were about to face wild beasts in the arena.[tags: Andrew Jackson, George Washington, Lincoln] - ... Trimalchio is a Semitic name based on the word for “prince” and he is a high living individual.

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