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People started creating Facebook groups promising to boycott Facebook, and within days those groups quickly grew to hundreds of thousands of members — the biggest groups that had ever formed on Facebook. To the News Feed’s creators, the protests only served to prove the News Feed’s utility; it was only thanks to the viral power of the News Feed that people were able to mobilize against News Feed.

The effort sounds helpful, even noble, given that Mr.

You figured out a way to make lots of money by giving away delicious cookies for free, and in less than a decade, you created a global cookie behemoth.

But recently your cookie kingdom has begun to crumble.

And if Facebook’s underlying business model is based on how much time we all spend eating there, can the company ever truly resist the pressure to keep plying us with more cookies? It can’t just become a slightly healthier cookie company; it may have to get out of the sugar business altogether.

And what, then, happens to all those billions in future profits?

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