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Why we do not have an integrated bioinformatics database and software package manager?

In fact, there are already some tools can complete part of the work: Conda and Bio Conda have done a lot of work and we can use them to conveniently install some of the bioinformatics software.

As for me, when starting some NGS analysis work on a new computer or operating system, I have to spend much time and energy to establish a complete set of software and dependent files and set the corresponding configuration file.

Bio Installer can help us to download, install and manage a variety of bioinformatics tools and databases more easily and systematically.

Individual samples were multiplexed prior to sequencing and successfully separated after sequencing on the Illumina GAII platform.

Our experimental data describes a cost effective, high throughput method for region-specific, multiplex sequencing by combining genome partitioning and barcode indexing with NGS technology.

This slide is part of the BITS training session: "Introduction to linux for life sciences." See

for R package, bioc Lite for Bioconductor R package, etc.

But the root authority is required that it's difficult for you to always get root privileges.

Furthermore, learning how to install and compile bioinformatics software is still necessary, because these 'unpleasant' experience will help you to improve the ability to debug and modify programs.

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