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There are other links that don't work Backfish SQL documentation is incorrect : page not found Eco documentation is incorrect: page not found[QC Short Description]Vista problems with XML Data Binding Wizard[QC Description]The Delphi 2007 XML Data binding wizard tries to write to the program files folder (C:\Program Files\Code Gear\RAD Studio.0\bin\). You get the following error dialog:---------------------------Error---------------------------Unable to write to C:\Program Files\Code Gear\RAD Studio.0\bin\---------------------------OK Details [QC Short Description]Duplicate DEBUG/RELEASE defines[QC Description]After using the "Default" checkbox on "Project Options", whenever a new project is created it has a duplicate define DEBUG that stays even when switching to RELEASE options. Press Ctrl F4 and see access violation Expected: After closing of last unit this window should disapear. --- I shouldn't have to scroll through 40 items that don't relate to my personality to find the "open" call I want. invoking Rename on Param1 from the implementation for the procedure will also not rename the parameter in the declaration of the procedure.[QC Short Description]When selecting a Newsfeed, the displayed dates of items are about a month in the future Example: Code Gear Developer Days June 2007 - The Replays C Builder, Delphi 2007 for Win32, Delphi for PHP and Inter Base technical sessions Posted on: Sunday, 29 July 2007Code Gear - Delphi for Win32 - TRY IT NOW! Then, if we try to create 1 more connection, AV occurs. sshaughnessy: I looked at this and was able to launch 8 Data Explorer before getting the proper error message.

Get Connection Factory raises exception when ini files are not there, TDBXMemory Connection Factory is then created but never freed. Add a Open and Close on Form Create and Form Close4. Wait until a new VCL Forms app has been created, press F1. ACT: No help found for context[QC Short Description]Rename refactoring does not work for non-class function parameters[QC Description]Renaming of a Parameter that is not part of a class only renames the parameter in the implementation section but does not rename it in the declaration of the procedure/function. right-click on the Param1 parameter from the declaration in the interface section.6. Vcl Db Express should have been included in the update for dataexplorer functionality to work. Install RAD Studio 2007 R2 Architect with all features on Windows XP2. Choose View, Data Explorer EXP: No errors ACT: Object not set to an instance of an object. Select Modify, Repair or Uninstall from RAD Studio menu on Windows XP (assumes existing installation) and that all features are installed.2. Bring up a Highalnder RTM build Change to swintern to get "akami" like install click through the install//exp: no notification that the Help could not be found and that users should make sure that they are installing over an Update 3 version//act: notifiction occurs. ODS: sql: INTERBASE - isc_dsql_prepare ODS: sql: INTERBASE - isc_dsql_describe_bind ODS: sql: INTERBASE - isc_dsql_execute ODS: sql: INTERBASE - isc_dsql_fetch ODS: sql: INTERBASE - isc_commit_retaining ODS: sql: INTERBASE - isc_dsql_free_statement ODS: sql: INTERBASE - isc_start_transaction ODS: sql: INTERBASE - c_dsql_allocate_statement ODS: sql: insert into "TRADES" ("TRADE_ID", "CLIENT_ID", "PRODUCT_ID", "ORG_ID", "PERS_ID", "USER_ID", "TRADED_ON", "ENTERED_ON", "PRINCIPAL", EVENUE_GROSS", "TRADE_STAT_ID") values (? in the implementation of the unit, create the following function:procedure Do That( Param1: Integer );beginend;5. On Item Drag(Item Drag Event Args e)Install Spacely Highlander - using 'old keys' ---Update3Run DEdrag and drop any table from DE to the form Borland. Alternative steps RAD Studio 2007 RTM Arch on Windows XP1. Here is the debugging output: ODS: sql: INTERBASE - isc_attach_database ODS: SQLConnection1. ODS: sql: INTERBASE - isc_dsql_allocate_statement ODS: sql: INTERBASE - isc_start_transaction ODS: sql: select * from TRADES where TRADE_ID = ? Data Explorer Modify Database_Click(Object sender, Event Args e) in c:\Projects\d11\tp\database\internal\src\cs\borland\dbtools\explorer\Data Explorer Control.cs:line 2324 at System. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.

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