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From the first moment, the spark in Grants eye was undeniable.

With the geographical distance between us it was lovely having space to just chat and very quickly became evident that there was an exceptionally beautiful connection here.

The IMF was the subject of criticism for lending so much as Russia introduced little of the reforms promised for the money and a large part of these funds could have been "diverted from their intended purpose and included in the flows of capital that left the country illegally".

Russia bounced back from the August 1998 financial crash with surprising speed.

The volume of decisions facing planners in Moscow became overwhelming.

The cumbersome procedures for bureaucratic administration foreclosed the free communication and flexible response required at the enterprise level for dealing with worker alienation, innovation, customers, and suppliers.

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In the 1990s Russia was "the largest borrower" from the International Monetary Fund with loans totaling billion.

Russia's vast geography is an important determinant of its economic activity, with some sources estimating that Russia contains over 30 percent of the world's natural resources.

It has the world's largest proven natural gas reserves and the largest exporter of natural gas.

mixed economy with state ownership in strategic areas of the economy.

Market reforms in the 1990s privatized much of Russian industry and agriculture, with notable exceptions to this privatization occurring in the energy and defense-related sectors.

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