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In my opinion, his misunderstanding of Jewish control of the USA shows in his military talk: "I will make America great again" (Not realising American power is used by Jews for their own purposes, not America's). I'm going to make America so strong nobody's going to mess with us.." (Showing he hasn't understood the huge reach of American power, with bases all round the world—paid for by borrowing from American future taxpayers).

Possibly Trump has sat in with Jews, laughing at goyim deaths and warmongering and their money frauds. Trump dislikes illegal immigrants—they are, after all, illegal.

Woodrow Wilson was the Jews' biggest American success, I'd guess, in terms of world destruction.

Just as the coup in Russia was their biggest success in Europe and European Asia.

Lying seems to be encoded into the gene pool of Jews, maybe as a result of the Talmud being unleashed in Khazaria more than a millennium past.Equatorial Guinea is one of sub-Saharan Africa's biggest oil-producing countries | Another "honored guest" was Burkina Faso's Blaise Compaore [who] came to power in a bloody 1987 coup which left his predecessor Thomas Sankara dead. White voters have to turn out in their states to get the 'winner take all' electoral college votes.Sankara had taken power alongside Compaore in another coup four years previously. After what she's done she shouldn't even be allowed to run...' Some people wonder if Trump has been deployed to wreck the Republicans; let's hope he doesn't get forced out. "I've spent less money, and I'm in first position [of Republican candidates]." He fills stadiums with supporters—something the others, in common with I think all ZOG politicians worldwide—is there a single exception? The three highest-vote states are California (with 55 votes), Florida, and New York State.We have to wonder if Jewish media agitation against Trump is serious. With Trump, "there's going to be real change—but not Obama 'change'". Poor Obama makes jokes about his faked birth certificate, never mentions his Jewish mother—perhaps with good reason—and even claims to believe in moon landings, and the Global Warming/ Climate Change/ carbon scam, though I'd guess these are more a genetic inability to understand physics than serious assent. I think this is the most important election in the modern era ..." "A lot of people know we've reached the crossroads ... at the George Washington level." Trump jokes about Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz and the others.Trump is surrounded by Jews and has family conversions, and the New York property market is Jewish. Maybe it's just a false dawn, as happened with Obama's lies. Trump himself says he uses just his own money, and that his TV appearances attract huge interest from advertisers which TV networks like—it's easy to believe advertising interest in the other candidates' speeches is something like zero. Here are a few of Obama's statesmanlike African triumphs (taken from New Observer Online) with 50 African 'Heads of States' put there by the ZOG 'west' and CIA: Equatorial Guinea's "president" Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who has shot almost all his opponents. Trump has Hispanic and black supporters, and gets them up on stage, admittedly in a slightly contrived way.

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