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(and of course, you do not need to record it)To be blunt, I think the biggest practical concern you have is to what degree you trust your boyfriend.If he wanted to, he could easily record the chat, and the question is what he'd do about that recording if the two of you break up a year or two into the future.One neat feature is that you can see which of your contacts are using Facetime (you can't call someone unless they're also signed up for Facetime).More » ) is a video calling app for Linux and Windows computers.

Before you sign up, though, you'll need an active internet connection, ample bandwidth, a webcam, and an audio input and output device (microphone and speaker).

Skype is the most popular app for voice and video calling.

In the mobile market, Skype has since long been dethroned by Whats App and Viber, but it still remains the most prominent tool for free communication on desktop computers.

If you'd feel comfortable giving him similar pictures of you on paper, then Facetime should be ok too. But on the other hand, I think it's reasonable of you to be a bit nervous about it, and if you would really rather not, I think he should respect that.

You're not somehow being a bad girlfriend or something like that if you don't want to.

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    An inexpensive IP camera that is very feature rich, has good image quality, night vision capabilities, motion detection, two-way audio, video streaming over TCP, UDP, or HTTP, and other configurable features.

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