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Some of its live Syria video is picked up by news outlets such as the BBC, CNN, the Associated Press and Reuters as it gives them access to several hundreds of Bambuser broadcasters.

Riyaad Minty, head of social media at Al Jazeera, said his news network monitors Bambuser on a regular basis to keep up with events in Syria.

It hopes to boost revenues by integrating its videos with other news applications - it recently signed a deal to cooperate with the Associated Press - through premium packages for corporate clients and advertising.

The founders are fully embracing their activist appeal, saying they want to help “democratize” live streaming.

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Industry experts say its simplicity, its ability to deal with poor connectivity and a huge range of mobile phones has made it the de-facto place for activists in the Middle East.A webpage of Swedish IT company Bambuser is pictured in Riga September 26, 2012.Syria's civil war has made Friday afternoons a busy time at Bambuser, a tiny Swedish IT startup in an old bicycle factory which streams live video from the latest uprisings. To match story SWEDEN-BAMBUSER/ REUTERS/Ints Kalnins On one recent Friday, Eriksson had the usual burst of activity in Syria plus demonstrations in Cairo and video from outside the Ecuadorean embassy in London, where Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange has been holed up for several months.The 52-year old protested his innocence throughout the trial, and claimed he was the victim of a conspiracy.Liz Berglund, from Sweden's National Bureau of Investigation, said that although this was the first time a case like this had come to court the man was probably not the first to commit such a crime.

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